Telephone counselling

You can contact us in case you have questions related to continuing the education of minor pregnant women and mothers, entering into a marriage, identifying the father, exercising various rights and financial compensations (maternity pay, one-off reimbursement for outfitting the child), questions related to the custody of the child, obtaining the documentation for a new-born, determining the capacity of a minor person to engage in legal acts and other questions related to minor pregnancies and parenthood.

Telephone counselling is also available at the same number – a form of psychological counselling where you can talk to an expert in a simple and accessible manner, over a phone call, and receive expert help in the fastest manner possible. 

Advantages of telephone psychological counselling:

  • psychological support is readily available, there is no waiting, you just have to call
  • you have a question or problem that cannot wait
  • you are more relaxed and there is no tension or jitters like during your first appointment
  • it is a completely anonymous method that can be useful if you are a person who struggles to be open
  • nobody is coming or leaving, it takes a lot less time.