The Special Needs CAP is a programme for primary abuse prevention aimed at children with mild intellectual disabilities. Children with developmental difficulties are a particularly vulnerable group for all forms of abuse from their peers and adults alike. Children with intellectual disabilities most frequently lack social, cognitive and/or language capabilities to defend and stand up for themselves, make informed decisions, understand the consequences, and communicate in situations when their personal boundaries are in jeopardy.

The programme is realised in 3 steps: first, there is a lecture for the entire staff of the institution, then there is a lecture for parents and finally, there are workshops for the children.

Workshops for the children are held over five days, whereby the CAP team collaborates most closely with the homeroom teacher in teaching the children on the perception of the body, recognising the rights which pertain to the body and developing self-confidence and independence.


CAP programme for the primary prevention of child abuse in the world