Partnerships and networks

The foundation of our growth and development at the Parents’ Association Step by Step is our network and partners.  Apart from being focused on our activities and services and on direct work with our users, we have been a part of national and international networks and partners for many years, often collaborating with them in order to share the knowledge and experiences, exchange best practices and learn about innovative approaches, methodologies, and manners of solving social and organisational problems, as well as individual needs of our user groups. 

That is how we develop the partner network of the Parents’ Association Step by Step and enable the realisation of our mission through mutual support in hosting events, creating, and implementing projects and in our advocacy activities on the local, regional, national, and European level.

In more than 20 years of our existence, we have collaborated with various stakeholders, including ministries and national bodies, local and regional self-government units, national agencies, educational and research institutions, and civil society organisations. 

The Parents’ Association Step by Step actively participates in the work of all networks of organisations in which we are a full-fledged member and by doing so, we continuously achieve the growth of the number of partner organisations from different countries and sectors, with whom we share a dedication towards common values, an approach based on human rights and methodology approaches, as well as the achievement of our purpose. 

By respecting the values of responsibility, tolerance, appreciation of diversity, non-discrimination and equality of access, promoting welfare and non-violence, we believe that only by working together can we contribute and influence the achievement of our vision – a democratic society focused on children by placing their well-being, development and education as a priority, while the restoration of parenthood values is seen as a source of possibilities to resolve conflicts between working and taking care of children, doing everything in its power so that the role of parents is appreciated and eased.

The Parents’ Association Step by Step is a member of the following national and international networks:

COFACE Families Europe is a pluralistic network of civil society associations that represent the interests of all families. We have been a full-fledged member of this network since 2014.

European Parents’ Association – EPA – established with the goal of supporting democratic principles and promoting greater involvement of parents and the local community in educating the children. The Parents’ Association has been a full-fledged member of this network since 2014.

The European Digital Learning Network – DLEARN – Its goal is to meet the challenges brought by digital transformation in terms of the discrepancy between digital skills and the possibility of digital learning. We have been a full-fledged member of the DLEARN network since 2019.

The International Center for Assault Prevention – ICAP– the Parents’ Association Step by Step is the regional training centre for the implementation of the largest world programme for abuse prevention, the CAP programme since 2000. We are members of the Management Board of the International Center for Assault Prevention – ICAP.

The Children’s Associations Coordination is a non-governmental and non-profit association with 22 members – organisations that conduct activities in the field of the protection of children’s rights. The Coordination advocates and promotes the interests and well-being of children in Croatia through joint efforts. The Association Step by Step is both a member and one of the founders of the Coordination.

We are members of the GOOD Initiative – since 2008, civil society organisations engaged in informal education and human rights have been gathered under the Initiative which advocates the systemic and quality introduction of the education on human rights and democratic citizenship in the education system (the GOOD Initiative).