The Elementary CAP is a programme for the prevention of child abuse aimed at children of younger school age.

The aim is to reduce the vulnerability of children and their exposure to various forms of abuse by:

  • providing quality information;
  • teaching effective prevention strategies;
  • empowering the adults who are important to them, parents and primary school employees to provide more quality support to them;

Typically, workshops for children are carried out for all class departments of the 2nd or 3rd grade in a particular school. The workshop lasts around an hour and it is carried out by 3 specially educated persons – CAP facilitators. Workshops with children are preceded by workshops with the staff and the parents. 


The Elementary CAP programme is implemented in a manner adapted to children of that age, through interesting interactive lectures and potentially dangerous situations are discussed before, during and after performing specially conceived plays which the children can understand, follow but also try out for themselves. 

CAP programme for the primary prevention of child abuse in the world