Two surveys were conducted as part of the project:

Over the course of the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, in collaboration with project participants from civil society organisations who were distributing questionnaires, a survey of perceptions towards former prisoners was conducted in four local communities – Osijek, Varaždin, Zadar, and Zagreb.

The purpose of the research was to gain an insight into the perceptions of the public towards this group in order to better focus and adapt the activities of the project, such as creating advocacy messages and organising volunteering activities in order to sensitise the professional and the general public to difficulties that this group faces. The survey encompassed 397 participants in total, inhabitants of four previously mentioned cities.

Over the course of November and December 2020, a survey of perceptions of professionals in the education system towards the children of (former) prisoners was also conducted. It was conducted with the goal of further analysing the issues underlying the prejudice and to gain an insight into the needs of this vulnerable group, which will serve to create and adapt strategies and activities aimed at supporting and protecting the well-being of children. The survey was led by Ksenija Romstein, Assistant Professor, PhD, external associate on the project.

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