Project #ActiveMOM

Over the course of 2019, in collaboration with the Kick-boxing club “Leon gym”, we started carrying out the #ActiveMOM project with financial support from the Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy.

Apart from the physical development of the entire body, the development of strength, motor skills and gestured coordination, this project also affects the proper shaping and maturing of the personalities of minor and young mothers by strengthening their self-confidence, independence, perseverance, discipline, self-control, sense of fairness, stress coping, and developing proper and healthy life habits.

Youths, particularly minor and young mothers (who are also most frequently the holders of single-parent families and persons who are granted social benefits) represent a group with increased risk of poverty and social exclusion. Therefore, the target group of this project are specifically minor and young mothers, aged 15 – 30, who are users of the social welfare system, as well as their children who are in direct, everyday contact with them.

Project activities: 

  • Sports and recreational training sessions held twice weekly for an hour by licensed sports coaches of the Kick-boxing club “Leon gym”, educated for working with socially sensitive groups. Training sessions take place in parallel – one coach leads the training for minor and young mothers, while the other coach leads the training for their children 
  • A cycle of 6 workshops organised by the experts of the Parents’ Association “Step by Step” with the topic of developing psychosocial skills for minor and young mothers

These activities encourage minor and young mothers and their children to do sports and recreation with which they will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to continue doing recreational exercises independently even after completing the training. Their children are provided with extra quality time spent with their mother and an opportunity for joint growth and development. The children also acquire new knowledge and skills which positively contribute to physical and social and emotional development (developing self-confidence, emotional self-regulation, socialisation) and enable their needs for movement, playing, but also structure, to be satisfied.