The programme A MOM IS A MOM (MAMA JE MAMA) is a long-term programme for providing support and aid to minor pregnant women and has been carried out since 2005 with the aim of preventing risk-taking behaviour among youths and providing psychosocial aid and support to minor pregnant women, parents, and their families. The programme endeavours to reduce the vulnerability of minor pregnant women and parents and empower them to take on the role of a parent actively and responsibly. The programme is founded on the principles of the availability of information, the freedom to decide on one’s own and respecting the right of choice. The programme is the only programme aimed at minor pregnant women and parents on the territory of the entire Republic of Croatia and has been harmonised with the Social Service Quality Standards in Social Welfare, provided by the Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy 

Programme activities include informing, education and counselling by a psychologist, social workers, legal experts, and gynaecologists.

In its implementation to date, during the period from 2005 to 2018, the programme has encompassed more than 600 minor pregnant women, parents, and members of their families, carried out more than 2000 individual counselling sessions and over 500 meetings of small educational and support groups.

In its implementation to date, it has established a partnership and cooperation with numerous institutions and organisations with the aim of networking and strengthening the capacity of experts. The Department of Social Services Zagreb, the Children’s Home Zagreb, the Public Open University Zagreb, and the Children’s Hospital Zagreb are all partners of the project. Numerous activities have been carried out to raise the awareness of the general and professional public on the problem of minor pregnancies and parenthood, and more than 10 round tables, public discussions, seminars, webinars, and expert discussions have been held.

Three projects are being conducted under the MOM IS A MOM programme: 

  • MOM IS A MOM Counselling Centre (Savjetovalište MAMA JE MAMA)
  • MOM IS A MOM website and (Web portal MAMA JE MAMA)
  • Project #ActiveMOM (Projekt #AktivnaMAMA)


Programme team

  • Silvija Stanić, BA in Psychology, University Specialist in Law – Head of A MOM IS A MOM programme
  • Iva Buconjić, MA in Psychology – Head of Counselling and Educational Activities, Website Editor 
  • Mia Krpan, MA in Psychology – Head of the programme and Expert Associate for Counselling and Educational Activities
  • Karmen Stipeč, MA in Social Work – Expert Associate for Educational and Support Groups
  • Sara Carević, MA in Psychology – Expert Associate for Counselling Affairs
  • Vesna Miličević, Head of Administrative and Financial Affairs